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Our mission is to develop and establish programs, employment, and projects for environmental conservation, protection, development, and restoration. Through the securement of partnerships, funding, and other revenue-generating initiatives, our organization will actively engage in the stewardship responsibilities of environmental projects directly related to the Eelunaapeewi Laakeewit community. 

We aim to deliver educational programs that reconnect individuals with their surroundings, fostering an understanding and appreciation for sustaining natural habitats, culture, and language. 

Guided by the teachings and worldview of our ancestors, we strive to utilize wisdom and education to choose positive and sustainable paths for development, while promoting collaboration with community and other partners for the benefit of future generations. With a focus on sustaining and creating healthy environments, motivating community involvement, providing educational opportunities, developing partnerships, and organizing effective activities and events, we seek to improve our environments and promote economic and community development through the sustainable use of natural resources.


Core Values:

Wulumalusuwaakan – We honor and use our cultural ties to Creation, drawing from the wisdom and teachings of our ancestors to ensure well-being for the present and future.


Natural Law – We acknowledge the reciprocity within Creation, inspiring individuals to recognize and fulfill their responsibilities towards the environment.


Awareness – We strive to reconnect people with their surroundings, fostering familiarity with and preservation of natural habitats, culture, and language.


Wisdom – We prioritize education as a means to choose positive and sustainable paths for development, aiming to change negative thinking, actions, and habits that affect Creation.


Collaboration – We actively work together with the community and other partners to create healthy opportunities for future generations.

Goals and Objectives:



  1. Sustaining and/or creating healthy environments encompassing air, water, and land.


  1. Motivating and coordinating community members to become ecologically friendly and actively involved in nurturing Creation.


  1. Creating educational opportunities to prepare future generations for living in well-being and harmony with all aspects of Creation.


  1. Developing projects and partnerships to create, restore, and build healthy habitats for all forms of life.


  1. Organizing effective activities and events that enhance our environments, sharing our language and ancestral worldviews on culture and nature.


  1. Entering into business ventures that promote economic and community development through the sustainable utilization of natural resources.


By embodying these values and pursuing our goals and objectives, we aim to make a lasting positive impact on the environment and the well-being of our community, both now and for generations to come.


The late/Executive Director,

Liilunow Stonefish (Bruce)

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